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Welcome to my happy accident! I'm Meg, a self taught (and Youtube trained) monogrammer. I'm a mama by day and monogrammer at night!

I ditched my business suits and became a stay at home mom who ironically, NEVER STAYS HOME! Never in a million years would I have imagined owning a monogramming and accessories company. Never. Ever. But, I've had some pretty incredible mentors who guided me in sewing and monogramming!

My (oh so fun) college education is in Public Relations and Mass Communication......and my retired career was in event planning. Give me all of the parties and confetti! 

Jax & Jane is a sweet little labor of love! Etsy welcomed us with open arms, but, THANKGOODNESS, it was time to here I am with a website and more to offer!


Jax & Jane is primarily a wholesale business when it comes to selling our custom kids clothes.

Our mission is to sell to upscale monogramming companies who share our same vision of dressing kids in: FASHIONABLY CASUAL CLOTHES. If you’re interested in being our new BFF, tell us a little more about you and your business. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

P.S. We love mamas who own businesses and juggle life too! Our main requirements for a wholesale account are:
-Are you a true business?
-Do you have an Instagram page?
-Do you have a Facebook group or page?
-Do you sell on Etsy?

Ready to be friends?!?

LETS'S DO THIS.......(together of course)!

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Embroideries, Appliques and Clothes for the 'Fashionable Casual Kid'!

Terms of Use & Information


Commercial Reproduction:

   If you intend to use one of our designs more than 50 times in a single preorder or production run, please email to purchase a use fee for that design. A use fee must be purchased per design and not per company/business. 

Use of files:

    In accordance with United States copyright law, when you purchase a digital file from Jax & Jane Designs,  only the  purchaser of the design(s) can use the file(s). The purchaser of the design MAY NOT email, share, trade, give, loan, or claim the design as their own work in any way. So basically, don't share the files. 


    Due to the immediate download nature of our designs, refunds will not be given. However, since we are all human and things happen, send an email we can troubleshoot together.


      Included in each download is: PES, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, and XXX formats.


     Jax & Jane does not have a log-in system. So, that means, you do not have to remember a password/log in anytime you  want to make a purchase. You have 30 days to download your design that will be emailed to you minutes after your  payment is processed.  If you would like to keep an online account of your purchases from Jax & Jane, our Etsy shop  would accommodate that need.